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What are my chances?

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What about having the letter from the senior ranking CW5 in the Army? This guy helped select the Apache as the Army's attack helicopter. He fought in every war since the first Gulf War. He was even honored at the Gathering of Eagles. Aside from having his letter of recommendation, I think my packet is pretty strong. Counting down the days until the board is HORRIBLE! Plus, I leave Iraq around the same time that the borad results should be posted. If anyone has any more comments, please reply.

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Somewhere in the back of my mind, his name seems familiar. But without you spelling it out to me, I wouldn't have had a clue who he was, and I've known more than several CW5s, so far in my career. His letter will carry weight because he probably included some information about himself, establishing his authority to make such a recommendation (number of years served, hours flown, positions held, etc.)


Your chances are easy to compute. Your chance of being selected is 1:(the number of applicant packets divided by the number of slots available). Two of those numbers are not discernible to those of us outside of the board or proponency, so it really doesn't help to ask what your chances are.

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I've never set on a selection board, so I don't know exactly what they get to consider. From what I've been told, previously, the letters of recommendation and the resume and the photo were the primary items used by the board. So, it was all based on whether or not the individual could create a sales pitch to sell themselves with. This would fit with the things I learned during the WO briefings I attended prior to applying (way back when); if you can't say good things about yourself, you'll have a hard time getting accepted. I've explained this to many of the soldiers I've worked with, and it seems to have been borne out. The resume/essay is your chance to impress the board, because you don't get to go before them like you would for a soldier of the month board, or a promotion board. It has to convey your confidence, your determination, your ability to learn and your ability to succeed. It has to show that you can handle responsibility, show accountability, and that you've demonstrated leadership ability.

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I want to take this time to say Thanks. I think I speak for everyone on this site when I say your are truly the type of person everyone should strive be like. I mean I know nothing about you, but from the advice you offer on this site, I can tell you are really an outstanding pilot and leader. I pray that I'm accepted and I promise to do my best to become one of the greatest pilots know to the military. Thanks alot Linc.

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