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LAS Helicopter Seminar LAS


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The LAS Helicopter Seminar/Pilot Fair just ended today. Estimate about 200 or so in attendance. I was unable to attend Sunday (fly day) but Mondays presentation was excellent. Most all of the Helicopter Flying Industry was represented: EMS, Corporate, OffShore, Training, Tour etc..


Great tips and ideas given and it is the consensus that the Helicopter world for pilots will just get better as we go. Even though the overall economy has entered autorotation, the industry is expecting a very positive outcome and continued demand for pilots/mechanics. The Heli World will remain somewhat insulated from Wall Street swings. It was said by the EMS folks that they will be hiring next year as many pilots that were in attendance today! That doesn't include the ENG, Corp, Off Shore industries. One company alone has 140 Helicopters on order.


For all of you aspiring such as I, the minimum magic number is 1000 hrs.


So let's all get out there and get those rotors turning. We can do this. Anyone with extra hours you can send to me..please!



Rotorrodent :D

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Hi Rotorrodent,


I was just winding down after the post adrenaline crash of trying to pull this seminar together. It is one thing to speak at an event, but I undestimated the effort required to pull such an event together. I decided to peruse the forums to see if there was any word on the streets yet and you were the first post so far in any of the forums.


Thanks for attending and the feedback. I have not looked at all of the critiques yet to see where we did really good or where it is that we may have fallen on our face and need to improve. Of the 195 attendees, I think we got back about 175 critiques. First glance is very favorable and we will create a quality matrix to guage our success as well as take heed all of the personal comments which were written.


I was personally impressed by the diversity and quality of the attendees. I appreciate your attendance and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!


Again special thanks to our sponsor Bell Helicopter, the participating companies, the speakers from Air Methods, Flight Safety, Air Logistics, and Papillon. And a 'Xtra special thanks to Randy Rowles for his contributions to the program and his wife Samantha for the outstanding job managing the administrative aspects of the event. Nice Job!!

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