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Would you do it again?


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This question is for everyone, but especially those with a little time in the industry. I am relatively new at this whole thing but for me, now at 1,000 hrs I really feel that I would like to go to one good operator and stay there for my career. I'm thinking company loyalty, benefits, retirement, etc.


It seems like almost everyone moves around in this industry though. If you had it to do again, would you take the same path that you have taken? Why or why not?

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Yeah it does seem as though everyone moves around a little huh? I had planed on staying with my previous employer for many years until I was ready to move to EMS. Didn't work that way since I wasn't making enough to make ends meet. So I had to move on.


Many pilots fall victim to the grass is greener syndrome. While that may be the case sometimes, most of the time it's not. Most companies all have their issues, helicopter industry or not. We can all work to make the company better or complain about it.


Location is another issue. Many jobs are offten times not really where we live or want to live. So many pilots take that job anyway as a "bridge" and wait until that job opens in a location where they want to live.


The best thing to do if you are looking long term with a single employer is to "interview" them as much as they would you. It's a two way street. If that company doesn't have what you are looking for then why go there? Look for a company that has many or multiple locations. That way maybe you will start some where (base) that may not be appealing but at some point transfer when you can.


BTW, yes I would do it again.

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