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flight school revu

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Let me keep this short,and brief,stay as far away from chinook helicopter flight school (abbortsford B.C) ,As far away as you can,i heard it was a puppy factory,and as i never trained there

,i did get to know many who have ,now still without jobs.

Seems they like the ozzy's/kiwis,as ,so im told have there converson in 2 days,how about that.

Seens to be all about the cash there so im told

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Jack, I think you need to get up to speed on how things work north of the 49th parallel


nearly ALL of the new pilots will not get a flying job right out of school, you'll sweep hanger, fuel a/c, wash a/c and such for up to 2 years and some cases longer.


it has nothing to do how good or bad a school is up there, and by the way I've heard good things about them.

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We are all entitled to our opinions, so here is mine on the topic. I trained at Chinook Helicopters and was very happy with the experience. My ab initio instructor Andy Roe started flying 30 years ago and has been instructing with Chinook since the early eighties. I was also very fortunate to get 30 hours of Jet Ranger instruction including a mountain course from "KO" Keith Ostertag who has been flying for 50 years and so I'm told has fired more pilots than most ops managers have ever hired. These guys definitely were instrumental in getting me a job. Yes, I spent much more time working on the ground than flying the first summer, but I did get to fly Jet Rangers and most importantly prove I'm willing to work hard and learn as much as I can.


Yes Chinook is a busy school with 5 Bell 47's and 2 Jet Rangers. There is no school that can send you straight to work, you've got to pay your dues one way or another. Are there many other excellent schools? Of course, and any one should do a lot of research and decide what is best for them. There were many reasons why Chinook worked for me, and perhaps a smaller school would be better for some. However I don't like people slagging a school with minimal information. Instead why don't you do some research and tell us about the best schools you have found and why you like them.


Last but not least, I really liked training on the Bell 47 and have flown the 300 and R22 enough to say it's an outstanding trainer.

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