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Ugh.... not so much


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I did a quick search, which didnt turn up anything, so i hope this isnt a repost...



It is, but its a few years old now! Just shows how fast this can happen, pivoting around one point like that. Look at where he was when he got stuck, and what would have happened if he had just set it down at that point (probably nothing). Once he gets airborne again and starts to pivot, its too late, the aircraft is already several degrees past the roll over point so adding power just makes it all happen faster. Never hurts to see it again!



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i think that pretty much everything had played out the second he snagged that landing gear. that thing was S-T-U-C-K. if they would have tried to just set it down, the best outcome would have been kicking out the right seat pilot and the crewchiefs/pax through the gunners window, but if he had tried to power down, it would have started oscilating and gone over anyways. as you said though... at least it wouldn't have played out so fast and they could have saved some lives. we go over this video quite frequently during crew coordination training.


chinhooks scare the hell out of me to begin with (if they're not leaking... they're empty). i don't think i'd like to try landing on a ship with one.



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heh... i wasnt too sure whether there was a different name for the 46. i had a feeling someone was going to call me out ;)


i was just speaking out of how i assumed it would play out. due to my complete ignorance of shipboard operations, i probably should have kept my mouth shut, but i couldn't help but to speculate. much respect to anyone who does/has done such operations... high speed stuff.


definitely agree though... if you're hung up, the last thing you want to do is to try to figure out the elements required for dynamic rollover by trial and error.

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