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Night Hours


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Hi there.

I'm new to the US industry- I've been flying in the South African region.

Most of my hours have been flown in day VFR conditions. I meet all hour requirements except the night hours for the jobs that I'm interested in.

Does any one have any ideas where I can pick up night hours- other than as a CFI?

I've heard of Las Vegas night tours... Are there any other jobs out there where someone like myself could build night hours.

Currently I have a little over 2000 hrs- split pretty equally between turbine and piston. Only about 20 hrs night...

I'd really appreciate any advise or help.


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I logged about 150 night hours between May and October flying tours in Atlantic City, NJ. It's a seasonal job and won't open up for full-time until after Memorial Day weekend, but if you're interested, I'll be looking for a second pilot sometime around Memorial Day and I might be able to help you out.

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