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Spell Check

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Go to add ons in FF or Thunderbirds (I think) and chose the dictionary you require it does not load automatically.

My browser FF 3.04 also produces screen the same as yours.

This may help.

How do you do the screen grab?.


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On the last 2 updates for FF I have had to load spell check.

Also right click in box and you should get a drop down showing check spelling should have a tick,

underneath languages will show what dictionary you have loaded.

It worked for me being dyslexic a must.

I tried to ALT + Print Screen no go.

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Ok, sorry, in my rush to reply on the way out I forgot about the rest of it! It's ALT+PRT SC. Then go into Microsoft paint or other graphic program, go up to "edit" at the top, and select "paste" and it should paste your image onto the worksheet. From there you can edit it and save it as whatever format you like.

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