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FT. Rucker flight physical approval?

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I've been waiting literally months for my flight physical approval from Ft. Rucker. I do not know if it never came in or what because my recruiter keeps giving me the run around and is lazy.


My question is does anyone know a number I can call myself to find out if it was approved so I can tell my dumb ass recruiter to get a board meeting for me. Either a number at Ft. Rucker if possible to call or by some slim chance somebody knows who I am supposed to call at Ft. Drumm. (Thats where I took the physical at). I hate having to rely on a recruiter its what slows this hole process to a crawl.




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My flight physical is missing. The doctor that had done it was transferred to another unit and I have no idea how to contact him. (which is now deactivated) He had even given me his cell number to call him and make sure he had sent it, which I did and he said it had been sent. I've been waiting for it for a while. I never heard anything from my recruiter so I figured it out for myself and Ft. Drum and Ft. Rucker have no flight physical on record for me what so ever. So now I am pretty screwed since I am off to Guam here soon. This is a huge setback, I don't think I will be able to finish my packet until at best summer. I am not happy.

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I got all my flight packet stuff from my recruiter. He is a cool guy, he feels so bad for not getting my stuff don and had no problem handing over all my stuff. I actually have a copy of my flight physical in my packet, but nobody has it on record. Anyway I leave for Guam January 15th, and I called the recruiters there and they said they can go flight physical and boards. So I am still shooting to get into the March selection.

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