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Latest HEMS video - in cockpit

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Here is my latest video from the world of HEMS...


Updated broken link (22 May 2009)


***Rumor control***


This video keeps getting pulled from YouTube because of music copy right issues. I am not in any trouble with the feds or my company.



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Nice clips...especially liked the use of TCM/Highroller with the other clip - quite fitting and glad to know I'm not the only one who likes that kind of elevator music. Post some more details about the camera setup (type, cost, mounting, etc.) if you can.



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Very, very nice.

If you take requests, how about a nice, tight scene? Not asking for anything that'd get yer CP excited... The overheads and high recon stuff would be a challenge, maybe that's why I've not seen it done.

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Great video, Chris! I really enjoyed that. I'd also be interested in the price of all that gear. Do fill us in, please!


The camera is a GoPro Hero Motorsports Wide from www.GoProCamera.com


I found a new one on eBay that came with 4 rechargeable batteries, a 2GB SD card and free shipping for $200.

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Is there a 337 in the RFM for that installation? If not the feds might not be exactly ecstatic if they see it. They don't have much of a sense of humor these days.


It mounts with a three stage suction cup and is made for the outside of race cars and motorcycles. The suction cup will NOT let go of what it is properly mounted to. It can be quickly removed once the set bar is released and the suction evacuated. My BPS saw it and ordered one for himself. To me it’s the same as other pilots who suction-cup their own GPS units in the aircraft. Just to be safe I did remove the picture of it above. Thanks

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Great video man!


Okay stupid question time:

What's the rear view mirror for up front? First time I've ever seen one in a helicopter... now I want one lol.


Another question on the camera mount. Can it be used with any small point and shoot type camera? Looks like you just screw it into the standard little hole normally used to attach to a tripod or whatever.

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Look at post number one. Move your cursor over the text line that says "Patient Flight HEMS (Click Here)" and you should see it.






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