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School review, Advanced Helicopters, Frederick MD

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I got my commercial helicopter license in 1994. After several years not flying helicopters I decidet to get back into helicopter flying and wanted to get current and add a helicopter CFI to my fixt wing CFI, MEI. Advanced helicopters has very competent and professional instructors ( I fly with James and Roland) and they have a great maintance facility. On a preflight I discovered a broken nav light and the mecanic fixt it right away. When I had a questipon regaring the govenor they explained me the function and showed me how it actually works. I can recomend this school if you like to get professional instruction.

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I had an amazing experience there also. I flew with James also and highly recommend him. They know the R-22 very well. The owner is really down to earth, great pilot and very helpful. Their mechanics are one of the most knowledgeable about Robinson Helicopters as anyone I have found on the east coast. :D

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I've been flying with AHC for years. Neal, Ryan and the rest of the crew are great. You can't ask for a better group to train with. I've gone as far as I want in my flight career (commercial fixed and rotorcraft) and AHC lets me use thier equipment to keep current. I fly regularly with all the instructors to keep my skills sharp (very important to you new guys!) and all are first rate instructors who not only know how to fly but also to "teach". I highly recommed the school to anyone interested in getting into helicopters.


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Have to add my two bits for AHC


Actually took my intro ride there in 2003. Ended up on the west coast for private through commercial. Returned to them for my ATP in 2007.


Very accommodating and helpful. Went out of the way for a one week student. Fun to fly a 22 after a few years in the 'real' helicopter world. Very nice that the instrument trainer is equipped with a Garmin 430. Made my ride much better working with IFR equipment from this century. Other students I visited with were also pleased with Advanced.


Always helpful and fun to work with AHC.

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