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Rotors scores another R44 & their 141

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Hey all,


I have been sick as a dog, sorry that i haven't finished the Factory course post but i will, for the past three weeks i've had pneumonia! Got back to Rotors today to see a new R44 sitting there waiting for me to spend some time with her!! This is their third, it has under 500 hours and is a VFR ship. I love the blue color and will get some better photos of it soon.


Rotors also got their 141 cert this past week! i know a lot of you folks have been waiting for this...


will also get to Centennial later this week and get a good look at Elite's 500, can't wait to fly that, i'll get back to you on that too.





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There's a ship that has had a rough life. Hopefully you guys can take better care of it than the previous users. ;)


Congrats ion the new ship and the 141. Maybe Rotors should pay to advertise here. :huh:



Yeah, don't know the whole story on HL, but she did just get back from the factory after some skid repair work and a complete check out?


Rotors does advertise here. Check out the home page! And if your reading this and your school doesn't advertise here it should, for the exposure the price is amazing.. but more importantly, you are supporting one of the best resources in our industry. Period!



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