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Anyone using Bendix AV80R in GOM


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From what I hear a lot of the GOM pilots use personal GPS units as backups. Are any of you using the Bendix AV80R? What I am wondering is if its software has all the rigs in it from the start. Another question is if Rotorcrafts birds have aux power sources for such a unit? Thanks in advance for any input.

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I would think the chances of having the offshore platforms in the database are nil. I've never heard of an aviation database that had them. They are available on the MMS website, but it requires some conversion to get them into a format the GPS can accept, if it can even take updates from files. Connecting it to aircraft power is strictly illegal. A quick Google search seems to indicate that the battery life is under 1.5 hours, and personally I wouldn't even consider it. But it's your money.

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There is a website that will build an aviation waypoint database. They have an option for gulf platforms, but I have never tried it and don't know if the information is complete and/or up to date.




It will generate waypoints in several different formats, but GPX is a fairly universal standard for waypoint files.


Edit: BTW, I use a garmin foretrex 101 as my backup GPS. It has all of our fuel platforms, and bases programmed, but nothing else. I took off the wrist strap, and put some Velcro on the back so I can stick it to my kneeboard if I need it. I carry it in one of my cargo pockets while I fly. Otherwise I use the aircraft GPS.

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I like a little more situational awareness than the eTrex allows. The eTrex works just fine, but a little hard for me to see and I like the aviation capabilities of a dedicated unit far better. A good Garmin quickly shows me all of the platforms and fuel locations I have programmed.


I have mounted my Garmin 295 on my clipboard which fits nicely into the clipboard holder on top of the panel.


Since you are not allowed to use aircraft power, many of us have made up battery packs to plug into. I use a standard 18V drill battery that I rigged with a female 12v end. It runs all day. I bring two of them along to power my Garmin 295. One for a backup. I used the Black and Decker battery for it's flatter size than my Dewalt batteries (which would last longer, just a weird shape).


I have seen some pretty good ideas from others (RC car batteries) to run a GPS. Here's a pic of my set up.




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