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Need a Letter of Recommendation

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I am currently stationed in Camp Bucca Iraq which is not a very huge camp. There are no CW3-CW5 aviation Warrants around this part of the country. Except when they are landing and dropping off people coming off from R&R. So please if there are any senior aviation warrants on this site that is willing to help I would really appreciate it... I have all my documents such as NCOERs, 1059s, etc.... In other words I hoping someone can do a long distance interview.



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There was a Forward Observer who lived on a remote JCC and who was always working with us over the radio. His command thought enough to send him to our headquarters to interview with one of our senior aviators. It is possible, but it is going to take some work and willingness on the part of your command. I don't know very many who will do a long-distance interview. It isn't just your name being put on the line, they're staking their reputation that you're worth their effort.


Ask your commander, if he's willing to recommend you, then maybe he's willing to do what it takes to help you get whatever else you need.

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