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Saudi Aramco?


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I work with a guy that worked there. He would still be there if not for the age 60 retirement.

120k to start and captains over 200 with a lot of nice benefits. Don't bother without quite a bit

of offshore time, ATP and 3500TT. Try pprune.org. Lots of middle east pilots on there. Oh,

he flew a 214 but they have switched to AW139's on his job. Said no expense spared on

anything. Must be nice.

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Aramco just picked up a brand new 139, making a total of two in operation, with another 12 on order. They currently fly 7 Bell 206L3's, 2 Bell 412's (not sure which model), 5 Bell 214's and 7 Bell 212's. I guess you could say they like American made loud thumping aircraft !



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