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Challis Heli plane


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I had heard the name before, but that was the first time I'd seen its design. Looks interesting with just the one wing! Having a single wing like that must have some CG implications.


I would imagine that this would be cheaper than the X-2 design.

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This design will not eliminate RBS, but it will delay RBS.


Put simply, the faster the A/C flies the more lift the wings (or wing) will produce. That lift will permit a lower pitch angle on the main rotor, thus delaying RBS.


If you designed this aircraft with enough wing to support the A/C fully (as a regular airplane does) then the only speed restraint would be that of a regular prop driven fixed wing aircraft. As it increased speed, more work would be taken away from the main rotor. Eventually it would be able to maintain a flat pitch (basically no lift) and RBS would be irrelevant.

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