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Ferry Flight/Time Building

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I am a private pilot that would like to build some time a 22/44. I currently have 70 hours in a 22 and 15 in a 44. I would like to ride along in the left (or right) seat and build PIC time (and really I just want to fly). I just recently attended the Robinson Factory Safety Course and overheard some of my fellow classmates talk about taking ferry flights from the factory after the course was done. I am willing to pay accordingly for letting me ride along and fly. I would just go to a flight school and build hours on my own but the closest school is a 5 hour drive.


I have no problem traveling to and from wherever I need to if the price/dates are right. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Send me an email: matt @ sundancesouthwest.com



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I am looking for any and all options for time building. I am working on my CFI and should have it completed in the next month or so.

Time in Bell 47, R22, Bell 206, and H269. Willing to split costs with another hour builder. Perhaps you have your own machine and would like to generate some revenue to cover expenses.



I can set you up with flight time in Western NY. Come on up and we can build time im looking at about 310 per hour for R44 time providing you have your SFAR requirements. Come fly with us!

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