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206 overhaul question


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Hey guys, been reading the forum for awhile, but this is my first post. I've searched around but can't find anything in the old posts about this. So, if any of the 206 operators out there can help, I appreciate it. I'm wondering if someone can give me a ballpark idea of what it costs to overhaul the turbine wheels on a C20B. The 1st and 2nd stage need it in 180 hours on a ship I'm looking at. Thanks.

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It's not that simple a question...Do you need to overhaul the engine in 180 hrs??? Depends on what you're using the ship for. How much will it cost.. Depends on what else needs replaced in there and alot of that may be on condition (can't know until you inspect)

So a ball park could be that you don't have to do anything in 180 hours or up to $120000.

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1750 hr HMI inspection #1 and #2 wheel will be replaced - Hot end slang.

at that time you will have to also deal with Turbine energy ring AD 2005-10-13,

also several CEB's in that area need to be c/w if not apart in some time.

best guess mid 30's +- possibly more pending what nozzle shield , nozzle diaphram etc look like.

good luck.

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