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BO-105 * Merlin 300c flight SIM

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Rotors is flight testing a new Schweizer 300 SIM that is being custom built for them by Merlin Simulators. While at Merlin's hangar today i found this awesome BO-105!! I thought you might like a look at it. This ship is owned and flown by a private owner... what a nice toy!


i'll also post a couple photos of the SIM, but they really suck, i left my good camera at home.. sorry... more on the SIM later. I will say that i am very surprised at how well the SIM flies, i spent some time on the FRASCA helo sim at last years heli-expo and actually like this one better. We had a 1500hr fixed wing pilot with us today that said the same thing, he has a lot of experience on the fixed wing FRASCA and thought the Merlin was superior!! I'll let you know after i get more than an hour in it... i already like the 20+ failure modes you can set up AND the idea of practicing autos into city areas...


more 105 photos here:








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That is a very nice looking Bolkow.


We had 4 of them, but we're getting rid of them in favor of Bell 407's. I've never flown one but based on the Karl Zimmerman videos I've seen, it looks like a capable bird.



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