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NG "street to seat" program

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Hey guys,

I've been reading through this forum for the past few hours. I'm trying to find out if anyone here knows if the NG has a street to seat program. I know the Army advertises it, and I have heard the NG does, but thats not official. Im currently a private pilot, a CFI for light sport aircraft, and also an FAA examiner for the light sport aircraft branch. I'm really interested in being a black hawk pilot for my local guard unit, however I don't have a college degree or any previous military background.


Thanks to everyone here who has offered advice and support to others trying to get in! This is a wonderful forum!

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No there is not a street to seat program as such. Technically you have to be enlisted in the guard to apply for a WO pilot slot. That said, there are ways to bring you in with very strong assurances that you'll go to flight training, but it can't be contracted for. No one is trying to screw you into an enlisted job, we need pilots more than we need one more mechanic, but there is just no way to do that in writing off the street.


A couple of my more recent replies on here explain how to go about applying. If you like to msg me, I'll be happy to talk with you by email & help you get situated.

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I don't know, I can't pull their manning. Recruiters suck, and they're the ones that are supposed to be nice to you. Folks at units aren't recruiting anyone. They're busy doing their job & don't have time for everyone that thinks they want to be a pilot. Most of them don't have any idea what they're getting into or what it entails. If you tell them you have qualifying GT & AFAST scores and that you're currently in the process of enlisting to their unit for the purposes of applying for a WO flight slot... then they might be willing to spend a little more time with you. Somebody posted a list of questions to ask (like how many slots they have open, how fast they get training slots, when are they looking at deploying next, etc). That's all good stuff to know.

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