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Love these videos. My son called me a helicopter nerd, then a forum troll!



I wanna fly a choppa





The Jet Pilot song NZ style





Snowman gets a trim


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Ahhh the wisdom of youtube comments. This is what one user had to say about the second video:


"This works because most helicopters nowadays are capable of gliding.

if they are on course for a crash they can lock their rotars and glide into it to prevent spinning rotars hitting water/ground....this will make a crash a lot less fatal

i woork in the north sea on these choppers all the time."


Silly me, I wasted my time practicing autos. All you need to do is lock the rotors (sorry, I mean "rotars") and glide... easy... much safer to glide without those dangerous spinning rotor blades (AKA spinny things)...

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