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Wysong HD Radio interference

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Since Wysong did an HD conversion on our 206B3 we have been getting interference on our two comm radios. It tends to happen on the lower freqs, (118.6, 119.35 etc) but occasionally happens higher up the band. It is intermittent on one of the radios but constant on the com/nav radio. It sounds like there is a really loud open mic somewhere, or the squelch needs to be adjusted (no squelch control of course).


I have asked another pilot, with a Wysong install, how they corrected the problem and he told me that the power converters were substandard on their ship, well Wysong had already upgraded ours and we still have the problem.


Really need to get this figured out because sometimes I have to turn the radios down till I can't hear anything (the tower isn't going to like that excuse). Any ideas or experience with this problem?

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Thanks for the suggestion.


We have had someone out from Wysong a few times, the first time they re-routed some cables, the second time they switched the power converters, the third time we put in a new radio. Everytime they work on it the problem goes away for a little while, but then seems to come back as bad as ever.

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