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Thats the way it goes..


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There's no "general" aviation catagory so I thought I would share my sob story here. I was supposed to solo (airplane private) yesterday but was cancelled for winds. Went out today with the wind blowing and 6.3 hours under my belt (i know its not about the time but I was feeling good about it). Did 3 touch and goes that felt really good, my instructor was endorsing my log book for solo as I taxi'd in. He shut the plane down, got out, radio check on his handheld....no commo :huh: he could hear me but I couldnt hear him and we werent at our home airport so...no solo today :(


Oh well, so goes the life of aviation. I was in the groove ready to go, hard to enjoy the rest of the day but alas...I have something to look forward to tomarrow.

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