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US Army WOFT Program

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I'm currently on the last stages of putting together a packet for application to the WOFT Program for Active Army. Ive passed the AFAST, with much help from the testing advice posted on here and just obtained the LOR's needed and am about to go for my Army flight physical here in the next week or two. I believe my hard charging personality, attention to detail and leadership qualities that I have acquired from being a Marine will help me excel in this program and eventually become a successful pilot. I, like many others have dreamed of flying since I was a child. Unfortunately I did not realize until recently (past few months) that the US Army had offered such an amazing program. I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do everything in my power to take as much advantage of this program as possible.


I want to personally thank all of you whom have given me such amazing advice and have assisted me with obtaining specific pieces of information that I needed. I will pass the torch (the abundance of knowledge that is Vertical Reference) to as many others as I can.



Semper Fi




Corporal P

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Best of luck.


Remember, if at first you don't succeed, submit that packet, again...

I went to WOCS with a guy who had a pretty good military resume, but was denied several times before his acceptance.


Oh..I intend on it! Let's hope I make it in the first shot though. Thanks for the support.

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