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R22 down in LA- Piru


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Looks like a solo flight out of CMA crashed today up near Piru practice area- 1 fatality. Crap, I know most everybody up there..



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Condolences to the Family :(


Is it anyone we know from VR?


I havent heard yet, but there is at least one VR member that flies that same ship, out of the same school, from that airport, and he is a new student pilot.


Sorry bout the double post, the VR board was really slow. Wasnt sure it even posted at all..




Here's some news:





edit 11:05 PM


Copter Pilot Killed Near Piru From Japan


He Was Experienced Pilot

By: KVTA News




The man who died when his helicopter crashed near Piru Saturday morning was a Japanese national who was an experienced pilot with licenses to fly both fixed wing and rotary aircraft. The authorities say the 47-year-old man rented the small Robinson R-22 helicopter out of Camarillo Airport and was flying to build up his solo hours. He had set out at 10:30 on a route popular with pilots that takes them eastbound over the Santa Clara River. According to farmworkers who witnessed the crash, the two seat black and silver helicopter was over the river south of Piru around 11 AM when it came down and crashed. There was no fire. The pilot was ejected some 40 yards from what was left of the main body of the helicopter. He was pronounced dead at the scene. There was a debris field from the crash that was a thousand feet in diameter. The pilot was the only person on board and no one on the ground was hurt. The NTSB and FAA will investigate the crash. The name of the victim has not been released yet.



Not the ship I thought might be involved. Condolences to the family

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I was up today getting a hover work out (thanks Mike). Mike said he was flying up there all day yesterday and it was just a perfect day. No wind, no haze, just nice. No one flying in the area even knew about the crash, lil weird. So, hopefully they can figure it out in the investigation.

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