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Not that I didn't think it could be done....


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This will have to count as one of of the more 'interesting stories' from my perspective.


>>> Ohhh my








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What I find most disturbing from this Video,is the comments about how unsafe this was by all these morons that have no clue about flying.


so the guy got a BJ in flight, whats the big deal?


I also thought it was funny that more people made a bigger deal about his wedding ring then they did his flying.. I mean come on, who to say this guy and his wife are not swingers,there are still many active swingers around still.


but some of the comments from people where like they hoped he crashed and stuff like that.


of course we do have to remember this is the TMZ web site it is on.


there are 4 videos on there now where TMZ is hounding this Pilot.


In one they show Tommy Lee taking off in the helicopter,but it looked to me like a differant helicopter and it is shot at a distance,so how does TMZ know it was even the same pilot.


Now on that same note, the Pilot was stupid to let anyone film him in flight while getting the BJ.


Also the pilot is a disgrace to other pilots, he only lasted 47.5 seconds.... lmao

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As great as it might be to catch an STD mid-flight, I think he probably should have exercised some better judgement. I don't even think the "main event" was the big deal... It was all the other crap he was doing. He was definitely distracted and there was no other pilot near the controls (or probably even in the aircraft) in case he missed something. The mile-hight club was meant for the BACK of the aircraft.... What an idiot....



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