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R22 Rates

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Man you guys have it good! Looking at about $450CDN/hour wet, solo or dual make no difference either.


Thats ridiculous !!


Come down and fly in Sunny So Cal for about $240/hour, instructor is an extra $40





edit- We have a couple block rates, depending on the size deposit. Your mileage may vary.

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HA...thats what I do!


Last time I flew was April of 2008...it was $190 hr solo...I don't want to know what it is now...


Advanced Helicopters


Love the Staff though so its worth it


Prices have gone up but are still extreamly reasonable. There seems to be an average price in the northeast of 210 wet here and $30-$45 for the instructor. We have three schools all within an hour drive of each other here in DC/MD/VA. That seems to be the going rate for all three. I think one school just lowered thier price back to 190 non block rate but not 100% sure.


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Minneapolis. Actually, this is the only R22 facility in the area. The other school has Schweitzers.


The facility about 2 hours south sold their helicopter and no longer train.


The big outfit out of Ohio tht had helicopters about 2 hours north took all their toys back home.


The next nearest R22 is over 3 hours away.


Now, I haven't actually paid for flight time yet. This is what was quoted. I was told this is the charge for actual flight hours and they don't nickel and dime for time spent moving the helo in and out of the hanger, prep and paperwork, etc.

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