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Have Local Notams disappeared?


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I had it in my head from somewhere (it's cluttered in there) that local notams were all going to be reclassified as Distant notams to make things more organized and accessible. I haven't been able to find anything official on the FAA website, though AOPA seems to be pretty clear.




Seems that all Local NOTAMS are now D NOTAMS, and Distant NOTAMS have all aquired prefixes so that you can distinguish information about taxiways, lights, and unverified information about birds etc. (that used to be local).


My 2009 AIM, however, still explains NOTAMS the old way, local, distant and FDC.


So is it official? Is there an FDC NOTAM about this that I just can't find? Entering 'local notam' into the FAA website search engine has predictably useful results. :rolleyes:



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