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Soon to be pilot

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Well the wife gave me the green light and now it is my turn to go back to school. She accepted a job in Springfield IL and we are moving out there in August. This is a career path for me and I think I want to end up with and EMS job. While I have thought about the military it is too unstable and with my wifes profession we can't be moving every couple of years. The problem is that I'm having a hell of a time finding a instructor within an hour of the city. I looked at Midwest in St Louis but would rather not drive 100+ miles each way. There is also a community college in Springfield that offers an Airframe and Powerplant A.S. that I will most likely enroll in and the director of the program said he would do some digging around for me. So if anyone know of any instructors/schools in the area the help would be greatly appreciated.

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I know an airline pilot near Springfield that used to do R22 training. Not sure if he still has his helicopter or CFI, but I'll email yout his name & number. If he can't help, he might know someone who can.


Here's a few more places:


Central Illinois Aviation in Mattoon with a 300Cbi: http://www.flywithcia.com/index.php If you drive over there, stop at the airport restaurant for an "Elephant Ear" (fried pork tenderloin sandwich the size of a dinner plate.)


Fostaire Helicopter at St. Louis Downtown-Parks, Cahokia, IL (about an hour from Springfield): http://www.fostaire.com/ Great place, very nice people, IFR trainer R22, but they usually don't accept primary students.


D&D Aviation / Midwest Rotor & Wing is also at CPS: http://dandd-aviation.com/


HeliSat is the newest, and probably the best in the area. Unfortunately, it's even further away for you. Moscow Mills, MO http://www.helisat.com/


There used to be a place in Galesburg that did R22 training, not sure of the name or if they're still there. Same goes for Quincy and Peoria, I believe. Call those three airports and ask.

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