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Heli-Expo 2009 Photos * Robinson R66 photos and videos too


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Hey all, i have started to upload the photos from the expo to my photobucket, there will be around 400 so it's taking a while. I'll have them up by noon my time most likely.


Clay and i got in before the show opened to shoot these, it was clear of people but a little dark so my apologies on that one. (i also couldn't get him out of the way!!!) :D in his defense we were all like little kids!


I also apologize for not editing, enhancing and putting titles on the photos, i am way behind on everything as i didn't expect to even go this year... i will try to get to that when i can.


If you have questions post them here and maybe Goldy, Clay or others can get to them.


I added three new albums: Robinson R66, Robinson R66 videos & Heliexpo 2009.









here ya go: http://s298.photobucket.com/albums/mm243/RkyMtnHI2/

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I would love to add some of your stills to my video footage and the interview with Frank and the folks from Rolls Royce. I'll add your creds to the end of the video...


Jim McNeill

Executive Producer


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great photos..



were you the gent that spoke about the flash reflection while shooting the R22 panel?



i don't think that was me. I was using an external flash on a gorillapod, you may have seen me (black polo shirt, brown pants) walking around with it on monday.

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