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Advanced Auto Training near LA or SD?

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I am looking for a recommendation for a flight school or CFI in the SoCal area that does advanced autorotation training. I'll be in the area next month and would like to do some flying and training that is a little more progressive and aggressive than your normal 65 kt. entry...kinda similar to the RHC factory school flight....perhaps even touch-down autos.


Any recommendations in SoCal would be appreciated.


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I just got an email from my school stating that they're doing a new advanced EPs class. You might want to check them out. www.lahelicopters.com


Give them a call and see what they're offering. The guy who does the classes is a great instructor.



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Go to advanced flight in Torrance, you will recieve advanced training in every area of flight from an actual Robinson Safety Pilot. PM me with any questions.

You won't regret what you pay for.




Hosh- Is that Simon's school?

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I thought Simon was flying out of CMA, I guess that changed. Anyway, yes, I have also flown with Simon (who hasn't!!) and I will third the recommendation.


Now as far as R22 advanced training, there are a couple schools that do full down auto training. I think one in San Diego, Western does it in the 300, and I think TwinAir Camarillo, but only if you are flying with the Chief Instructor....I can check on that one.


And I would check into LA Helicopters...the others I have not mentioned were not mentioned on purpose.



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