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New Built S-64 s

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I was hoping that someone would have had some information on the S-64 that was on display at Heli-Expo, turns out that it was a rebuild. I did some reading on the CH-54 A/B and the S-64 and the only information i could find was one short mention about building one new one. No serial number, registration or end user information. Would anyone have any information about any new machines that have been built. If anyone has information on the three engine prototype that would be nice too (this is not a new concept). Thanks. L3.

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Thanks Darkhorse, that's what i was looking to find out, about the prototype. In the late 60s or early 70s the S-73 was Sikorsky's entry into the Heavy Lift Helicopter program (military competition) but the Boeing Vertol HCX-62 was chosen. The Boeing was a reworked 3 engine CH-47A (really reworked) but never made it past the mock-up stage and was purposely destroyed in 2005. I wonder if the S-73 is the 3 engine unit that i read about?

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