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Hover Power

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I haven't seen this mentioned before (unless I somehow missed it) and it may interest some of you...

AOPA online has a new blog called "Hover Power" by Tim McAdams. Only 3 posts so far, but Tim is an interesting writer and I expect it will grow as time goes on.

The first couple of posts seem to be written to give FW pilots a little insight into the RW world, but his next entry gets a bit more focused on stuff of interest to real (i.e. helicopter) pilots. :P Anyway, I was glad to see AOPA adding some more content about the helicopter world even though we are such a small percentage of the pilot population.

AOPA is an excellent organization with lots of member resources and GA advocacy activities, and if you're not already a member, I highly recommend you join ASAP. The online flight planner alone is worth the $39 annual dues if you do much XC flying.

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It would be nice to see them add some more rotory wing content. I don't even really read their magazine anymore because it usually has so little to do with anything I'm interested in right now.



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Yeah, I'm a member of AOPA more out of obligation than enthusiasm. It's good to see a few RW articles every once in a while from them. Especially ones written BY helicopter pilots. Good times.

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I have read the articles...he is a good writer. I think this is a good thing. Another good thing is that the new president (Craig Fuller?) of AOPA made a comment about wanting to be a heli pilot too..

Positive feedback about these articles would be a good thing.

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