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I've heard the National Guard is looking for pilots. I've got several thousand hours driving fixed wing and my private helicopter add-on. I'm taking my commerical add-on ride this weekend. I'm committed to flying the summer/fall season for my employer here in AK. I'm potentially interested in joining the guard after that. Any guard pilots on here? Any from AK? How do you like it? Lots of flying? Interesting flying? How hard would it be to fly for a civillian operator and the guard at the same time? Pros and cons? I'd appreciate any advice, thanks!




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I can't speak much for AK. I'm in TX, which is a very different kind of flying. However, I can say the guard is in general looking for pilots & you obviously have great qualifications, which leads me to asking your age & vision. I can't say what slots AK has available or what locations. I can only speak for civilian flying down here, which is some airline & lots of offshore to rigs. That works VERY well with being a guard pilot because the schedule lends itself to being flexible with us. I would advise you get in touch with a unit there & have a good conversation.

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