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Bell 206B3 Checklist

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I have a chance to go along on some 206B3 flights here in the near future. Wondering if anyone had any checklist they would care to share with me, also any other 206 info that someone may have on there computer in either word or PDF format, or perhaps know where I could download such information. I realize it may not be completely model SN accurate but still would like to look over any info I could before I do these flights. I currently have approx 200 RW time.

Thanks in advance

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Reason for edit: to prevent spam!


Prevent spam? I like spam. The classic stuff is the bomb, the new spam lite tastes like poo lite.



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Thanks to all whom replied!!


Fly Safe



Skyjock, just Google "Bell 206 checklist". About 200 pdf files come up that you can download right off the web.

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