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I am trying to study THE th67-10 but i don't understand ANYTHING I'm reading. Will someone please point me in the right direction?

Without knowing specifically what you're having an issue with:


Memorize your limits from CH 5, and emergency procedures from CH 9 (notably the underlined steps verbatim...but they're all good to know. You'll thank me when you hit B co, if you can get 100 on the first test.)


also be familiar with definitions that I believe are found in Ch 8. (spike knock, pylon whirl, mast bumping, LTE and it's regions, etc)


You can kind of gloss over Ch 2, as you'll receive plenty of instruction on that in the classroom when you start academics, but it can't hurt to be familiar.


The most important thing (and it's so hard at this point because you don't know what anything is) is to memorize the information as best as you can. Rote memorization comes first, understanding comes later. When you start getting classes and such, it'll start making a whole lot of sense. It's a lot of information to take in, so you need to come up with ways to remember it.


Nit picking: it's not a -10, it's an operator's supplement. :D


If there's something specific you can be assisted with, point it out. You've been to aviationtrainer.com, right?

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there is an illustration that has the letters R Y G R and it has limitations listed on the right side of it. what do these letters mean?


and no i haven't been to aviationtrainer.com. but i'm going right now.



It's the colors on the gauge. Red, Yellow, and green. Without dling that manual, I assume each letter is next to a shaded box? and on the gauges, there is a corresponding color? I'll probably go get it in a sec to confirm.


Don't worry about what colors are what. When you get asked a limit, you need to know the numbers, not the colors. (Personally, in the A/C, I generally just looked to make sure the needle was where it was supposed to be...I didn't associate with numbers while flying (except airspeed and altitude. lol)

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Ok, just opened up that study guide. It's not the Op Supp, either. lol (unless I don't see the link)


Don't worry about the boxes. Just get the limits themselves (90% minimum, 50-60% accelerate through this range, etc) for each gauge, as well as the other things in that guide.


That guide is GREAT, except there's almost too much info in there when you're starting out. It doesn't really get to the 'meat and potatoes' of what's the most important when you're starting out. If you want to spend some money, get this:




Primary one is your pre-solo stuff, and 2 is your post-solo stuff. If you don't want to shell out the $30 at once, just buy the $13 #1 for now. Get the #2 when you get there, and are ready for it (after a month or two on hold after WOCS....)


BTW: CopySmith is located just outside the Enterprise Gate. You can pick up #2 in person, if you desire. Prices are the same. They're not as shady as their crappy web address would have you believe.

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