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333 Gets a new engine


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Rotor's 333 is getting a rebuilt engine, though you might like to see it up close.


one photo below, link of more photos here:










Geee, you put 2000 hours on that thing already?


I think I know the answer!

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How are you finding the 333 & was it the 2stage thingimy?



shhhhooooot, i knew someone was gonna ask that question. :(


well, we are finding it in the hangar a lot! :P


actually, it has had some troubles in the past few months.. and yes i believe it was the 2nd stage. it also had the oil cooler fan self destruct on takeoff; one of the blades came off and went round and round, and one of the throttle control hoses came off on another flight. None of the issues were real serious, but they caused the owner to take a closer look. They found issues with the main transmission and turbine and decided to work it over completely. It is flying as part of a huge contract in the next couple of months and they wanted it ready to go.


as far as flying it goes, i love it, tons of power and lots of room, but that being said, if i were to look at buying i would take an R44 any day!! When we flew as a flight of two up to Leadville the 333 easily out climbed the R44 above 12k, (and it had an extra person on board), but it couldn't out run us even at 14.5K, and the R44's have AC!






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Thanks RMHi

Thats what I hear a fair few niggling problems & only fair performance considering the power plant.

2000 hours eng, TXmision and other problems, I would be a slightly P****d of owner, our old C. appears more reliable think we will stick for present.

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