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If money were no object, which watch would you wear?


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I still have my Mickey Mouse watch I got at Disneyland back in 79. Does that count?

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I break watches like crazy. I just went through another G-Shock in 2 months and am currently watchless (except for another partially broken "ironman" watch I left hanging on my ALSE vest). If I dished out the money for a watch like that and it broke I'd have to hunt down the manufacturer and get all axe murderer on him.



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No new watch for me either. Like my cars and music, I prefer watches from the 80's.


I have a couple of mid-80's vintage Seiko chronographs - one stainless steel w/white face (which I almost never wore) and the other black/black. I wore my black Seiko all through Army flight training. I still own them - collecting dust in my desk...




After flight school, I got a first generation Omega Seamaster Professional. 20 years later, I still wear it every day and see no need to replace it...



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