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Enlisted bonus CSRB then dropping a packet

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Hey everyone! I was just wondering about the Army's enlisted bonuses and CSRB. I was told they would not get taken away if I got an enlistment bonus and a CSRB if I put in a flight packet and changed jobs. Any input? I have read a few things about the "Improving your career" aspect of things and can't find an AR on it anywhere.


Any help would be great.


I just don't want to get stuck with a 100k CSRB and find it taken away when I drop my packet.



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I don't know about the CSRB. As far as the enlistment bonus goes, though, you would get to keep it (I would think you could keep the CSRB too but I have no experience with that). I would strongly caution you to think about all of this a lot before you do it. If you are going to enlist/reenlist, make sure you do it because you want to stay in and would be OK staying in your current MOS. Look at dropping your packet as a separate thing. The reason I say this is that I've seen several people reenlist for 6 years for the bonus with the intention of flying and not completing their 6 years. Some of them are having a hard time getting accepted and now are stuck for another 6 years in an MOS that they don't really like. I enjoyed my last MOS and reenlisted. Soon after, I finished my packet and submitted it. I was selected but I would have been happy serving a little more time in that MOS too. Just my 2c.



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Thanks for the 2 cents. I just got picked up for E-7 in my first look and the CSRB won't be in effect for me any more (at least when i pin). I guess that eliminates that option! Appreciate the help!

Think I'll go the shorter route for staying in unless I get picked up for flight.

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