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Bell or bust...

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I have the choice of attending Bell Helicopter's training program. They fly Bell jet rangers and also have numerous flight simulators. My problem comes in when you take the cost into consideration. The price is much more for a comercial licence than if I were to go to a private school. the benefit is I will be training in a turbine helicopter and have experience in a Bell helicopter.


Any input that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.



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for your basic training shop around. serious price difference for your primary training.

Doing your primary training in turbine will wind up limiting you for possible jobs for low time pilot as most are recip.

Once rated if you have the money go for it

very experienced instructors,nice equipment you will come out a better aviator from the training.

P/w carries alot of weight regarding insurance and job prospects. my .02

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I am reading between the lines here...I take it you have no helicopter time at all?


And that you are considering doing all of your primary training with Bell at the Academy?


I'd look around at some of the well established schools first! Get your private and commercial with them, your dollars will go a lot further for your flight time!


If you are serious about going to Bell and will be paying for the course yourself, do so after you have your commercial endorsement already. And what aircraft would you attend on?

The Academy is aircraft type specific...206B or 206L or 407 or 427 or 429 or 412 (although the 412 course is at FlightSafety)

The best bet would be to have a future employer send you to the Academy after you have been hired...let them pay for the course and training since their insurance will most likely require it any way.


Attending the Academy is a really great thing, and most employers look at it as a big positive, as do insurance providers...but to attend on your wallet is risky! Since you really won't be marketable until you have on average 1000TT 1000PIC and 250TYPE and for many your instrument ticket as well.


In other words just because you paid for the Academy training you are not going to get a job with the Bell Academy certificate.




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