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91313 waiver


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Looking to get waiver from 91.313 (E) 1 thru 3 regarding Restricted TC over congested area

to get to fire fighting activity from primary base to anywhere USA cwn. Special purpose operation -fire suppression activity external load. Local FSDO not cooperating. I would think 91.313(a)(2) would allow, as necessary to conduct special purpose operation for which certified. ???

any advise? thankx I know waivers are issued for this -- maybe not worded correctly ??

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I fly a 206BIII in suburban Chicago for mosquito control (tell Scott I said hi). Our ship is dual rated in standard and restricted catergory. When I install the spray gear it goes to restricted. It took me 2 years to get a waiver to 91.313.e from our FSDO. No one could tell me if I needed it and the legal department would give me an answer. I finally negotiated my way into a waiver but it was a nightmare. You need one for every district that you are going to travel through. My experience is that most FSDO's aren't even aware of this regulation until I brought it to there attention. I wouldn't tell you to do anything illegal but it's next to impossible to comply with this regulation if you are traveling around the country. It could take any where from a few hours to a few years to get a waiver from a FSDO and that's not going to work for a utlity operator. Good luck with this one.

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Hi Pete-- skeeter season is on, calibrate this week.

I am seeking the waiver for the Huey when enroute to/from fire suppression activities,CWN

Restricted TC--- no external just transit -- have re-submitted waiver will see.

For the spraying --CAP's go thru well, as most all are special airwothiness for restricted operations.

Had our first good fire last week, got current with bucket :P

several newbies this season for the row crop work -so been busy training.

Have a good season.


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