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don't know if anyone has done any spraying with the CBI yet... poor useful load and power compared to the C; The C model is much more dominant in that market.


Agrinautics is still around but they don't make the spray system for the A,B&C... they just made alot of the components which are general ag components... pump, valves, etc..

the booms and tanks were made by A to Z who owns the STC and they haven't been around along time. Schweizer/hughes took over providing the kit in the late 70's early 80's but it has been out of production quite a while...


Isolair and Simplex are the ones making a spray system for the 300... the new company heli-pod is working on a 300 series spray system but no approval yet... they are out of new zealand.


The isolair system holds 60 gal. and a CBI wouldn't be able to handle that load. A B model could do it but it would be overgross...


Nobody has tried to tackle the CBI for spraying yet.... at least not with a certified system.

Even the C has limited use in the ag industry... small farm private owner with a helicopter or small jobs that the owner doesn't want to pay a hiller or B47.



I just re-read this post and don't want to sound like a system for the CBI wouldn't work.. it would and probabally as good as the 22 system @ 40 gal. Tough part is it has to be certified and that means STC's nowadays... too many problems with field approvals. The cost is high and the posibility for sales is limited.

good luck

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thanks for the reply apiaguy agrinautics got back to me last night. must be watching the forum. i know the C would be better for ag but for me ag is only a small amount of my work and the cbi would be better suited to the rest of the year, (read better on the bank account). I suppose i should point out that i'm comparing this to an r22 b as thats what i'm currently useing. Cheers

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are you in the states?

eitherway I would recommend checking out http://www.helipod-international.com/index.php

click products and H269 spray system.

I'm not positive but I think they're asking in the $15000 range which is about half the cost of a simplex or isolair system. Again, it is not STC'd so that can produce some problems with additional costs of hiring a DER to get the thing to field approval status.

60 gal on a C model is definitly enough... 60X8 lbs./gal = 480 + 200lb pilot + 100lb fuel and you're using some available power with the hydraulic pump being driven off the lower pulley so that zaps 10-20hp.

Sure it could lift more but at an expense of safety margins.

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