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New Helicopter Pilot

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Hello all.. I have never posted on this forum until now.. I am almost 10 hours into my helicopter lessons. I come from a fixed wing (about 250 hours) and gyrocopter (about 850 hours) background.


I'm mainly flying the R-22 Raven II with some cross countries in the Hughes 500D. My instructor is really cool and I ask him all kinds of questions and I'm sure I'll have some that I'll post here..


Just mainly saying hello... "hello"



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It says that you have posted 37 times but hello anyway.


Yeah.. I guess I mis-stated that a bit. I did post when I was flying my gyro, but have not been on for a while.. I am now, new as a helicopter (in training) pilot....

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Hi Shawn, this is Animal,from the Forum. hows the training going?


Good to see you on here, alot of great info on here I have found.

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Hello Shawn...


Welcome back to the forum! I'll bet that your gyro background has made the training go well. It will be interesting to see how it goes for you (I presume you meant that you are training in an R44 II). Bigger 'iron than most train in. Don't forget to post up some video!

Best Regards,


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Whats an R22 Raven II?? :P


6 cylinder 240 hp 2 seater with the extra wide RavenII blade. Goes like a bat outta hell, 4500 FPM in the climb!


Funny, the other poster thought he was flying a 44, I just figured he was flying an R22 Beta II. However, I just got slammed for typo's in another post....so I aint saying nothing!


BTW Shawn, welcome aboard. I am sure you will find helicopters more fun than anything else you have flown.



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Welcome Shawn,

I have been away from this site for a while but will be spending alot more time here. Going back to work soon. Time to pack my suitcase and do the motel thing for 6 or 7 months. Hope you enjoy this site as much as I do, lots of really great people here that are very helpful. Spraypilot

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