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Wanted to know if Bristow or one of the big flight schools ever customize professional pilot programs? I have 1,300hrs PIC and about 1,150 dual given and want to convert to JAA in hopes of maybe getting a job in another country. The big schools quote the "835 hours of ground and the 135hrs dual" I don't think I'll need all that flight time since some of it is toward the PPL and such. Anybody ever do anything like this??

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You don't necessesarily need to do all those ground hours but you will need to do at least some sort of ground course such as a distance learning course which will result in you needing to do a compressed consolidation course of 3 weeks in order to get signed off for the written tests. I have passed 10 of the 14 exams with CAPT(Caledonian advanced pilot training) so far and I'm traveling to the UK to take 2 more in 2 weeks. That company is quite flexible and they work quite closely with Bristow in Florida, I actually done the first 10 exams in Florida through Bristow after completing the first 2 modules of CAPT's course. Only reason I'm doing these other 2 in the UK is cause I'm over in Ireland for a week anyway. There's a few more details than just that but drop me a PM with your number or something and I can point you in the right direction. Keep in mind though, the JAA exams crap will only be the least of your worries if you don't have the whole immigration sorted if you're not an EU citizen.

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