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UVSC/UVU Experiences

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I've been thinking about taking a couple of semesters at UVU for the ground school and the all important student loans. I would just like those that have had experience with UVU to share. How much were you able to obtain in loans and how were the classes?? If I can only get like 5 grand a semster I'm not sure it would be worth it, might as well just wait and save. Thanks ahead of time fellas and females!

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Good question- I am looking into them as well. Thier program is slightly cheaper than ERAU if you do the online option. One big problem- I was just informed by UVU that they are no longer accepting helicopter ratings for the BS Professional pilot program."As we are a fixed-wing program"..


If you're flying r/w, your ratings will only count for electives. On the plus side, the Aviation Management degree looks like it's really good.


Question for you: How does attending UVU help with getting loans? I've been working my face off to save $ in order to take private loans out.

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Duuno, I'm not in thier program yet. :D


Here is the e-mail from UVU regarding crdits for R/W training:


Thank you for your interest in the Aviation Science Program at Utah Valley University. I invite you to look through our website at www.flyUVU.com. This informative website will tell you about how the program works, the degrees we offer, and the costs for tuition as well as many other aspects of the program.


Currently the only options for helicopter students is to take the Bachelors in Aviation Management degree. Also we are no longer accepting helicopter certificates or ratings since we are a fixed wing program. After reading about us on the website if you have any other questions feel free to call us at 888-901-7192 from 9 AM to 6 PM Mountain Time Monday through Thursday and 9 AM to 5 PM Friday and we will be happy to assist you. Thanks!

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Hey everyone. I'm currently a UVU student, have been for the last year and a half. I know that a lot of there policy have changed since from when I started but hopefully I can give you guys some insight on how it works.


Financial aid-


UVU will certify a student loan for you. Now the loan is no longer a private loan but a student loan. Banks are more willing to give out student loans then unsecured private loans. Also meaning the interest rates will normally be lower.


UVU will certify the loan meaning they basically cosign the loan and are telling the bank that you need this money for school for the degree that you are seeking.


Not sure how much money they will certify now, you'll have to call there financial aid office.


UVU Financial Aid- 1-877-336-8872


How to qualify for these alternative loans through UVU-


1. Apply for admission to UVU

2. Enroll in a minimum of 6 credits (like two classes)

3. Making progress towards a degree or certificate

4. Maintaining a minimum aggregate Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 each semester.


The classes are normal college classes and do take some dedication to get a good grade. Now I’m no genius but the classes are not that hard. If your able to put aside an extra few hours a week to study for them you’ll do fine.


Hope this helps.


If you have any other questions PM me, and I would be glad to help you out as much as I can.



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I just called there financial aid office and the dude told me the max the can give out per semester is $14,200; and that is including private loans. Maybe I'll save some money this summer then start there this fall or next spring. That's too bad that they lowered it, even 5k more a semester would be golden. I guess it's better than nothing though. Cheers. (its friday! lol)

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Well, it's not great, but if it's falling into a student loan category, as opposed to ALL private loans, that's going to make repayment options better for sure! Forbarances and deferments should be easier as well, when you're a flight instructor working for beans. :D


Good info, thanks for sharing!

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i've had an excellent experience with UVU the past year and a half. loan went through great and the financial aid services and all of the student services are top notch. it's really easy to get things done over the phone with them and they seem to know an answer to all of my ridiculous questions. good luck.

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Has anyone heard that UVU wants to get out of the rotary wing business? When I was at Sun n' Fun they had a booth set up and I spoke with the representative for a minute. I basically just asked about attending a helo flight school that does their extended campus stuff and how it all works. He told me that UVU is going to go back to fixed wing only programs, and shortly will no longer work with any helicopter flight schools. I don't remember any of the details, but he said something about extremely extremely low completion rates of helo vs fixed wing students, and blamed it on a degree not being a requirement in the helo career field. He said UVU just decided it was no longer in their best interest to pursue it.

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