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First Solo!!

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Finally got my first solo done! It took quite a few tries with bad weather and aircraft maintenance, but we finally got it done. Big thanks to Kris and Paul at Specialized, they know their stuff and pushed me hard to get it done. Not a fan of typing things twice, so you can read more about it here if you want.


In the picture taken facing straight on at the helicopter, I noticed the rotor blade seems to be tilting pretty hard to the left. I thought that was because of the lack of a passenger, but then I thought if the disc is visibly tilted, wouldn't it still make the helicopter go that way?? I would have imagined that the disc should stay level, but the body of the helicopter would be tilted funny. So I suppose it is possible I wasn't in a perfect hover... anyway is this the way an R22 normally looks in a solo hover? The blades aren't perfectly perpendicular to the camera, so it could also be an illusion I suppose...


Hover Picture



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Congrats! It's a blast going solo! Just wait til you fly away from the airport...and then cross country!


The rotor disk looks level to me. The advancing blade looks like it's in front and the retreating blade in the back and since the point of view is from below, it makes it look like it's tilted.

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Now wait for your 1st solo CROSS COUNTRY!!!! Awesome and terrifying all at the same time. It was so weird to fly away and watch my CFI remain on the ground. But it really made me feel like a pilot. Best of luck on your training!!!!





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I remember the first time taxiing when solo and feeling like I was dragging the tail on the ground. I hovered a little higher because of it, and then I saw the pictures...tail was no where near the ground, haha!

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