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Ground trainer - flys but no liftoff


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I am trying to find photos/info on this I ran across it about a year ago.....


Imagine this: a 269 airframe attached to a large 2k lb slab on wheels. The slab has a pole in the middle about 5' tall that attaches to the airframe of the 269. The airframe can move vertically about 4-5' and tilt in all directions 20-30 degreees. In the videos they were flying them indoors in a large warehouse and outside in parking lots, doing lots of skill tests (stacking cones with the landing struts, moving bottles, etc). Basically a 269 that you can't crash and can only get about 5' off the ground with.


Has anybody seen this? Have a link?




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Ok, I finally found it:


"Cicare SVH-3 Helicopter Simulator"


Don't think that is a 269, maybe an old Scorpion with that nose....either way, quite a contraption. Maybe good for about 5 hours of training to hover, then you gotta get them in the air !!



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If there is enough tolerance to allow slope landings I'd say it would be a great way to start a student out doing slopes. I like the idea of them being able to learn without the risk of dynamic rollover, in the beginning. It would be really cool if it could be set up with sensors that could detect the amount of force (rolling moment) applied to the frame and indicate when a rollover would have occurred if it weren't for the frame preventing it.

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