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purchase/training options.

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if you keep doing the same things you've always done, you'll keep getting the same results you've always gotten.


lets think outside the box.... here goes


Closest school is vortex(bristol) in new Iberia ( 4 hrs away), however, I can't/won't up and leave my family or job that pays more than I'd every make an S-76 capt. But for sum unknown reason, I can't get this flying thing out of my head. I have a fixed private license (boring!!) and A & P from my military days, which I don't use.

I'm considering the purchase of a 'runout' or semi-runout' r-22 for my training & getting spooled up on their maintenance practices. I know they (robinson) offers a maintenance school for annuals & 100 hrs. If I could do it, I'd like to maybe open a part 61 flight school for my days off (did I mention only work half a year). I was just looking for sum feed back regarding operating cost, insurance cost, etc...


Any thoughts? remember;

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Your post is a difficult read even for my internet savvy brain.


Operating cost... there are so many variables in helicopter ownership than unless you own a fleet or fly thousands of hours with a ship it is difficult to nail down what your operating costs will be. One major (or minor) component prematurely wearing out can throw the scales way off until you fly ALOT more hours of trouble free flight to offset the cost. Use the formula Robinson uses on their web site... then add $100/hour and don't forget to have an extra $25000 or so laying around "just in case".


Don't forget hangar costs... special tools... business operating license from your city... commercial lease from your airport... etc..


Insurance... hmm... can't say anything nice here.


Don't let me distract you... I am a private owner... wouldn't do it anyother way... just have lots of money... cash is best. The biggest problem I see with your dream as stated is the early idea of starting a flight school when you don't have your ratings yet. You may find it harder than planned to buy the helicopter, do the work on it to keep it flying, overhaul it, get yourself thru CFI and have some money left over to start flight instructing. Take it slow... get the helicopter.. get your ratings.. then work on the business plan.

Good luck.

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