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Purchase COMPLETED !!!!!!!!


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UPDATE of May 10, 2009.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009, departed BWI for Dallas Love Field on Southwest Airlines. Arrived at Summit Helicopters about 11:00am CT. My helicopter was ready for an after maint flight before lunch. I had a couple of ADs & inspections performed for my comfort level before flying her back. Let say that Mike at Summit did a great job on the items that were asked for timely, well done and complete. Price from Summit was very fair.


Jason (jehh here) was very helpful with making Mike available from the pre-buy, to having Jay (cfi) pick up the R-22 after closing the deal on Friday afternoon (May 1) to Mike performing the ADs & inspections. Jason & Mike, THANK You!


We went to lunch and then returned to the airport, settled the bill and headed out towards Arkadeliphia, AR (M89) at 2:00pm CT. Upon arrival to M89 about 4:20pm, the south half of the airport was under water but the ramp area was clear and the FBO was open (we knew that before we got there, NOTAMS). Fueled up and was given a ride to the motel.


Thursday, the fog had set in so the departure was delayed until about 10:15am. Headed to Dyersburg, TN, and got fuel then headed onto Madisonville, Ky, fueled and headed onto Frankfort, KY, fueled and headed onto Charleston, WV at about 10:00pm. Spent the night there.


Friday, fog was again present but only about 1 hour delay from the schedule we wanted, so not bad. We departed at 8:30am ET and headed for Frederick, MD. The trip over the mountain was beautiful with the fog in the low spots. Arrived to KFDK at about 10:50am. Safe and sound.


The trip was 1118nm and took 16.9 hours hobbs. The trip was about 100nm longer than direct as we had some weather to go around but for the weather that was in the area and behind us we did great.


I have some great pictures that I'll post in a couple of days.


The R-22 Beta II did an outstanding job. It only used 1 quart of oil for the entire trip. Almost unheard-of for a Lyc O-360.


Anyway, ready to start making it mine!"


Happy Mothers Day to all of you Moms out there.


Happy Hovering!











Today, Friday, May 1, 2009, I completed thepurchase of "my new" 2005 Robinson R-22 Beta II.


It has already been picked up and taken to Summit Helicopters in Dallas for a few checks and a going over before I go down from WV to fly her home.


I'm looking forward to it. :D :D


Be safe,






04-18-09, 8:56pm ET




Well, I have been looking for a partner to go in with me on an R-22 for some time. Not having found one I decided to go it alone.


Yesterday (Friday), I signed a purchase agreement after flying to Dallas and inspecting a 2005 R-22 Beta II.


Yes, it is a former SSH ship but it actually was in good shape. I had "Mike" the Maintainence director from Summit Helicoters come over to do a modified pre-buy and he even flew it too. There were a couple of minor issues to be done before I fly it home in the next week but, I was happy with the overall condition. Books were in better shape than I'd heard about from others and complete, numbers matched and all.


jehh, thanks for making Mike available to me. Mike will fill you in and I'll call you on Monday to take care of the bill for his time and to schedule the couple of thing to fixed before I bring it home.


I'm looking forward to the flight from Dallas to WV, soon.


Smiling new soon-to-be new owner.



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Is my math right. ~66 knots average?



I didnt calculate it, but dont forget the hobbs is running when you are in the pattern, shutting down, and start up. So 66 knots would be a good number with all the fuel stops. I know my Beta II likes to fly around 85 knots straight and level.

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