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I got on it this morning with no problem. I guess the site was down for maintenance or something when I tried last.


I guess registering wouldn't be a bad idea. ...just another password to remember!


Ummmm...just use the same password you use for everything else. :D

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I don't even try to remember most passwords. I have a few standard ones for sites I really don't care much about, but for most passwords I use a password manager. It will generate a random password with whatever number and type characters are required, and remember all of them. All I have to remember is the master password, which is used to protect the rest. I can remember one strong password, but not dozens. I use the same password database on my desktop, laptop, Palm, and Nokia N800. I use Keyring on my Palm, and JPilot, a Linux app, incorporates it along with the other Palm PIM apps. On the Nokia, PyRing uses the Keyring database, so I can keep everything in sync and have my passwords everywhere.

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