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kneeboard organization


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This may be obvious, but reading this thread, I'm not sure it is to everyone:


You can rotate the kneeboard to the right (or left, depending on which leg it's on) so that it's on the outside of your thigh, and completely out of the way of your arm, and only put it back on top of the thigh when you need to write or read something. Mine mostly stays on the side.


I don't use it for holding charts, electronic devices, or other bulky stuff, just some paper for writing important stuff down, and some frequency cheat sheets. Charts stay elsewhere, in a pocket or bag, and the GPS is mounted on the panel. You don't need to put everything you own on your kneeboard.

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For my x/c flights in a 22 my instructor had me put all the frequencies and pertinent info on a sheet of paper and put it under the plastic floor cover so all you have to do is look down to get next freq. etc.


ha! thats awesome


just write BIG

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Grease pencil.




Simple :D


Hahaha! Kinda like a poor-man's HUD? I don't know how much I would like the obstructed view though...



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